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Melanye Walker
Bowenwork Practitioner and Colon Hydrotherapist

Melanye received her Bowenwork training at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta in 2010 and Colon Hydrotherapy training at Natural Health Outreach in Penticton, British Columbia 2012.  

At a very early age Melanye witnessed the shortcomings of traditional medicine, often short sited and far too quick to decree nothing can be done! She has continually looked for natural alternatives. We must be our own advocates she believes. She believes Bowenwork and Colon Hydrotherapy as amazing complementary modalities to our medical system.  She dabbled in relaxation massage for many years prior to her formal Bowenwork training. Melanye was encouraged by a friend to try this new form of therapy, Bowen Therapy.  After having received her first treatment was left thinking it was a joke, “She hardly touched me, and kept leaving the room” Then the healing began and Melanye was amazed. This was what she was looking for, she wanted/needed to learn the original technique. 

Melanye started her practice from her home in Chemainus, and was thrilled to join AWC in the spring of 2012.  Here she was introduced to Colon Hydrotherapy by Chantal David. She was apprehensive at first but immediately saw the health benefits and it wasn’t scary or embarrassing like she imagined it might be. Wanting to expand her knowledge and service offering she too went to train at Natural Health Outreach.

Melanye is now accepting new clients for both Bowenwork.